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Through a strategy of continuous improvement and teamwork, the Control System Studio Collaboration is dedicated to supplying control system tools for machine and experiment operator interfaces, automation and service integration to enable our users to achieve their scientific objectives.

The foundation for achieving our commitment is based on:

  • understanding and meeting the requirements of our users,
  • continuously improving all processes related to the Control System Studio product,
  • effectively utilizing the creative talents in the collaboration,
  • and meeting statutory, regulatory, and other requirements.


  • 90% User satisfaction from registered sites with a site representative
  • 90% Developer satisfaction from registered sites with a site representative

Manual: developer's manual

Management review meetings

Management holds a yearly meeting to reevaluate the collaboration and policy and objectives.

Meeting minutes

There is a monthly meeting at the first Wednesday of the month.

Product Realization

Specifications and interfaces; design and development

Customer requirements and customer satisfaction

User stories and customer feedback

Measurement, analysis and improvement

Releases are monthly "sprints". corrective/preventative action. control of nonconforming product. internal audits.


Notices are emailed to the core email list: