How to Contribute

  • CS-Studio & Phoebus development is hosted on Github. You will need a Github account.
  • CS-Studio

    • The most complete documentation for developers, including how to import into Eclipse and build CS-Studio, is the docbook.


    • The most complete documentation for developers, including how to build and set up various IDE's for development of Phoebus, is the docbook.

    Fork us on Github

    All contributions are accepted as Pull Requests on Github.

    Attend Meetings

    • We use Google Hangouts to share our progress and discuss issues.
    • Meetings are posted (viewable after being added to group)
    • Minutes are posted to Google Docs
    • We meet the first Wednesday of each month (9am EST)
    • Project groups meet once a week when actively developing

    Reporting Problems

    When in doubt or have a question, you should open a ticket.

    Development Guidelines

    Contribute a patch

    • Open a ticket corresponding to the work you are about to do. This helps keep track of new developments.
    • Create a branch starting from one of the active branches and develop on the new branch.
    • Submit a pull request
    • There should be some discussion and we will help you to get your patch merged.

    New Plug-ins

    Plug-ins may be part of 'core', 'applications', or a site's specific product. Ask if you are unsure of the best location. New plugins are typically added to a feature in order to be installed in a product.

    Use the Bundle-Vendor property of the manifest file of each plug-in (also visible in Eclipse in Overview/General Information/Provider) to record the author/maintainer in the following form:

    Name Surname <email>[[Name Surname <email>|,]] - Site

    For example: Gabriele Carcassi <>, Kunal Shroff <> - Brookhaven National Lab